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Automotive Window Film
Residential Window Film
Safety/Security Film
Clear Bra Paint Protection

Automotive Window Film

A common misconception is that window tint is dark, and night-time driving is impossible when a car is tinted. With the advancement of technology, today’s window film has the capability to reject high percentages of heat while maintaining a low VLT%(visible light transmittance) The truth is that there are films of ANY darkness that suits your preferences. Also, unlike sunglasses that do impair your ability to drive at night, window film is designed to reduce glare and not impede nighttime driving.

Window film doesn't just block visible light. It also blocks harmful cancer-causing ultra-violet (UV-A and UV-B) rays as well as infra-red (IR) rays that cause heat to build up in your car; however, how effective a film is in blocking these rays depends on the type of film, the manufacturer, and the quality of installation.


Residential Window Film

Your furniture, drapery and carpets represent a large investment. Help protect them from sun damage with professional tinting from Clearview Mobile. Professionally tinted windows not only protect your belongings but also will also add a classy decorative touch to your home and set it apart from others.

Clearview Mobile serves the entire Las Vegas residential community with high quality SunTek film for window tinting. One of the most cost effective, efficient and comfortable thing you can do to make your residence secure in all climates is installing residential window film. Residential window film will not allow harmful ultraviolet rays through your windows into your home. It will also reduce fading and hot spots. Residential window film will effectively increase privacy, safety and efficiency. It really is the best thing you can do for your residence.

If you are ready to add distinction to your home, it’s time to call ClearView Mobile. We are happy to brainstorm with you regarding what will be best for your architecture, décor, and budget. So even if you don’t have it all figured out yet, please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to talking with you!


Safety/Security Film

When violent acts, natural disasters, vandalism or accidents shatter your building's windows, flying glass can be responsible for most of the damage, injuries and deaths may occur. And the truth is, much of the destruction resulting from these lethal shards can be controlled—even, or prevented in corporate and retail buildings, restaurants, hotels, and homes, with safety and security films.

All it takes is a simple layer of protection

Make your windows and other surfaces part of the solution to preventing costly destructive vandalism and smash-and-grab thieves. Elevators, restrooms, display areas, architectural elements, virtually any high-traffic area with windows or other surfaces is vulnerable to costly vandalism. In the case of windows, there's the additional threat of "smash-and-grab" thieves, who rely on fast access through your facility's broken glass to get their job done. Now, you can help foil destructive efforts, with safety and security film.

The solution is simple: It's a heavy-duty polyester film bonded by special adhesives that's simply applied to the interior of new or existing glass...with powerful results.

Outwit Vandals with anti graffiti film.

Safety and security film offers your windows and other surfaces a simple and inconspicuous defense against vandals: A protective film that helps prevent scribling and other defacing of your base surface, yet one that vandals won't even know is there. If vandals leave their mark, the film can be peeled off and replaced easily, eliminating graffiti—and the need for costly glass replacement.

Devastating destruction disrupts the world daily. Acts of burglary, vandalism, civil unrest and terrorism incur a staggering toll in both lives and property. If you are responsible for the integrity of a building, you know its weakest point: windows. Call our installer for a recommendation for your specific application. Safety and security films are easily installed on the interior of the glass and provide virtually invisible protection. Multiple layers of strong, clear, special grade polyester film are bonded together with a unique adhesive to form a shield that holds glass in place. Yet for all their strength and durability, our products have outstanding optical clarity.

Also, all safety and security products block much of the suns harmful UV rays protecting health and reducing fading. A solar control safety series adds high-performance in addition to security. Up to 79% of the sun's solar energy can be rejected saving energy and reducing HVAC expenses.


Clear Bra Paint Protection

Protect the beauty and integrity of your vehicles paint finish with the latest technology. The clear film will protect your vehicle from bugs, dirt, scratches and nicks, road salt, sand and small road debris. This durable material has been used successfully for years by the military, various auto manufacturers, and NASCAR race teams in rock chip prone areas with incredible results. Never before has a product been invented that provides so much protection with such low visibility. Llumar professional urethane film includes a limited lifetime warranty offered by the manufacture, CP films.

  • Maintenance Free!
  • Virtually Invisible!
  • Wash & Wax As Usual
  • Great For Leased Cars
  • Won't Harm Factory Paint
  • Can Be Safely Removed
  • Doesn't Peel, Crack or Fade